Pippa Black Biography

Biography of Australian Actress and Animal Rights Activist Pippa Black

Pippa Black Biography

Date of Birth: 16 October 1982.
Height: 5'3"(1.60m).
Nationality: Australian.
Place of Birth: Ferntree Gully, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Occupation: Actress.
Siblings: Brother called Tom.
Education: St Patrick’s primary school. Beaconhills Christian College.
Currently Resides: Primarily Los Angeles and occasionally Melbourne.
Gained Fame: In an acting role playing Lucinda Elle Robinson in Australian Soap Neighbours from 2005 to 2009.

Acting Projects / TV Work:
Progress (2014), Mind Puppets (2014), The Cookie Mobster (2014), Amnesia (2013), Royal Pains (2013), Perception (2013), Dreamgirl (2013), Lemon Tree Passage (2012), Law & Order: SVU (2012), Pineapples (2012), My Funny Valentine (2012), Outsourced (2010 – 2011), City Homicide (2009), Tegan The Vegan (2009), The Wake (2009), Emergence (2009), Neighbours (2005 – 2009), Jacob Butler Music Video ‘Coma’ (2009), Chris Moyles Quiz Night (2009), 9am with David & Kim (2007), The Steph SHow (2006), Last Man Standing (2005), The Secret Life of Us (2004), Evil Never Dies (2003), Australis Cosmetics TV Commercial.

Charities Supported:
Animals Australia Unleashed, Asthma Foundation of Victoria, Australian Childhood Foundation, Bluey Day Foundation, Camp Quality, CanTeen, Dreamworld, Make-a-Wish Australia, Peta Asia Pacific, Red Cross Australia, RSPCA, WSPA.

About Pippa Black:
Pippa Black is an Australian born Actress who was born on 16 October 1982 in Ferntree Gully, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Pippa’s early years and family life:
Pippa lived with her family in Pakenham, Victoria, Australia and also in the Narre Warren area of Victoria (now part of the city of Casey) until she landed her acting role as Lucinda ‘Elle’ Robinson in Australian Soap Neighbours in August 2005. Pippa attended St Patrick’s Catholic Primary school, Pakenham, Victoria, for her primary school education before attending Beaconhills Christian College, Pakenham, Victoria, for her high school education where Pippa was a school vice captain. After finishing her high school education in 1999, aged 16, Pippa commenced further studies in Animal Technology with a view to pursuing a career working with animals. However Pippa also had ambitions to become an actress and Pippa has since fulfilled her dream to be a professional actress.

Pippa’s adult life and career:
When Pippa reached her late teens, she ended her education and studies in order to pursue her acting ambitions full time. When Pippa reached her early 20’s Pippa secured a number of smaller acting roles appearing in Evil Never Dies in 2003, when aged 21. Pippa appeared in an episode of The Secret Life of Us in 2004 and filmed a TV Commercial for Australis Cosmetics and then appeared in an episode of Last Man Standing in early 2005.

Pippa, now aged 22 and having not yet made a major breakthough in her acting career, was close to leaving Australia in 2005 and moving to London to seek to further her career. However Pippa persisted and managed to successfully audition for her first ‘major’ acting role playing Lucinda ‘Elle’ Robinson in Australian Soap Neighbours from August 2005. Pippa remained in this role for 4 years until leaving Neighbours in August 2009, aged 26, when Pippa decided to move to Los Angeles to seek new acting roles and further her career rather than extending her contract with Neighbours. Pippa’s Neighbours exit has seen Elle Robinson move to New York to work as a journalist and the characters role has been left open should Pippa wish to seek a return to the show in the future.

Pippa did a number of different acting projects throughout 2009, including working on Jacob Butlers music video ‘Coma’, filming 2 roles in short films, The Wake and Emergence, doing a voice over role in an animation film Tegan The Vegan and filming a guest role in City Homicide. In 2009 Pippa moved to Los Angeles to further her acting career. In 2010 Pippa has landed her first American acting role playing Tonya in NBC Television’s comedy ‘Outsourced’ which ran for 1 full series over 2010 – 2011. In 2012 Pippa filmed a short comedy playing Tina in Pineapples and also lander her first major movie role playing the lead female role, Zoe, in My Funny Valentine. Pippa has since gone on to film roles in Progress (2014), Hypnotic Eyes (2014), The Cookie Mobster (2014), Amnesia (2013), Royal Pains (2013), Perception (2013), Dreamgirl (2013), Lemon Tree Passage (2012), Law & Order: SVU (2012), Pineapples (2012).

Pippa’s Charity Work

Pippa is a keen Animal Rights Activist and is also a vegetarian. Since Pippa gained fame and celebrity status, following her acting work on Neighbours, from 2005 onwards, Pippa has given her time and support to a number of charities, foundations and other good causes. This charity work is largely for both organisations that help support animal welfare, such as PETA Asia Pacific, the WSPA, the RSPCA and Animals Australia Unleashed and organisations that provide support for people who suffer with long term health problems. Pippa and her own dog ‘Tank’ took part in the 2007 RSPCA Million Paws Walk, Celebrity Challenge, at Albert Park, Melbourne.