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Camp Quality.

Pippa Black Supports Camp Quality

Pippablack.net gives a very big thankyou to Camp Quality for providing the pictures featured. The Pictures are of Pippa, along with a number of fellow Neighbours stars, and some Camp Quality volunteers, Lucy Gould and Jimmy Mansfield plus the 2 ladies in the Camp Quality tops who remain unidentified, attending the annual Chandon Supper Club Events from 2006 onwards. Camp Quality is a non profit organisation that is committed to bringing hope and happiness to every child living with cancer, their families and communities through ongoing quality recreational, educational, hospital and financial support programs.

(17 May 2007)

Camp Quality passionately believes in the power of fun in helping children and their families overcome the challenges that cancer brings. Fun flows through everything Camp Quality does, from programs to philosophies. Camp Quality provides fun therapy for every child living with cancer and their families. Camp Quality is an international charity with the first office being established in 1983 in Sydney, Australia. There are 14 offices throughout Australia covering every state and territory. Over 5,000 families each year are supported by Camp Quality. They participate in camps and other activities. Nationally there will be approximately 240 camps and recreational activities held in Australia each year. The majority of these camps are based on recreational experiences like horse riding and abseiling in the summer and skiing in the winter months.

The camps last from two to seven days. Each camp is fully funded by the organisation, including the cost of the companions (adult volunteers). At camp each child is assigned a companion ensuring that each child receives the highest quality of care. In particular the camping program provides a wonderfully unique opportunity for a child with cancer to put their illness behind them for a few days and concentrate on being a child again. Most importantly it provides them with fun and happiness, as “Laughter really is the Best Medicine”. An additional 250,000 children annually are reached by Camp Quality through the McDonald’s Camp Quality Puppet Program. This is a fun and interactive educational program where life-size puppets help children to become more aware of the need to be caring and supportive of other children who have major illnesses such as cancer.

(15 May 2008)

Camp Quality gives a child with cancer the opportunity to be a child again by providing enjoyment and a positive atmosphere. This positive atmosphere quite often gives them the courage to continue on through treatment. Camp Quality also gives the families of children with cancer a much-needed break. The impact of the diagnosis and treatment places tremendous stress on parents and siblings.

Camp Quality’s programs are focussed to care for the emotional needs of children and their families as they face the bad days and celebrate the good ones. Support network of peers provides tremendous strength and hope. Camp Quality is all about fun therapy as Laughter is the Best Medicine.