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The Bluey Day Foundation.

Pippa Black Supports The Bluey Day Foundation

Pippa has given her support to the Bluey Day Foundation by taking part on 26 August 2006. You can view more images in the photo section of this website. Pippablack.net gives a big thankyou to the Bluey Day Foundation for approval of the following article and understands that Pippa was not officially approached by the national Foundation and has kindly volunteered her time and support via her local area at Narre Warren. As such reference to this has also been made in the ‘local’ section of this site. A big thankyou is also given to the Narre Warren / Victoria Police for the images featured.

From 1995 until closing in April 2010 Bluey Day has raised over $20 million for disadvantaged and sick kids! Since Karl David founded Bluey Day in 1995, it has spread from a few police members in Victoria to Emergency Services members from all over Australia, as well as in Canada and America. The Headshave campaign originated in Horsham, Victoria in 1995 under the name of Crop-a-Cop. Sergeant Karl David (Senior Constable at the time) wanted to raise money for children living with cancer. Since children often lose their hair during chemotherapy, he thought it might boost their morale to see a bald policeman. Each officer had to raise a minimum of $1,000 to participate and in November 1995, 165 police officers gathered in Horsham Town Hall to shave their heads. There were representatives from each state’s police forces and the event was shown live on “Hey Hey It’s Saturday.” The first person shaved on this eventful night was actually a Horsham Council parking officer. The night resulted in $235,000 being raised to assist children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses.

In 1996, the Headshave became a National event when 1,200 police officers from around Australia travelled to Sydney to shave their heads. They raised over $1.3 million and nationally $1.7million. The event attracted overseas interest and six police officers from Vancouver and San Francisco flew to Sydney to join in. Although there was no category for mass head shaving at this time by organisations such as Guinness World Records, a documented world first record occurred. This record still stands. In August 1997, the Headshave began with a new mascot “Copper Bluey”, designed by Sgt Karl David. The National Headshave was held in Hobart, Tasmania and police officers had the choice fort the first time of travelling to Hobart or shaving their heads in their home State. $2 million was raised nationally. 1997 also saw the first International Headshave. Under the guidance of Karl David, police officers in Vancouver, Canada held a Headshave to support kids in Canada. They used our ” Copper Bluey ” merchandise and badges to boost their fundraising. In late 1997, the National Committee changed the name of the Headshave from Crop-a-Cop to Bluey Day to incorporate all other emergency services. Blue the common colour for all emergency services and the common ceremonial colour for most emergency organisations around the world. To ensure that Australia always be represented in the image our mascot is a blue heeler dog known as “Bluey”.

Bluey Day 1998 was held on Saturday 22 August with the National event at Jupiter’s Casino, Queensland, with a national total of $2 million again being raised. Since then National Headshaves have occurred in nearly every capital city with simultaneous local shaves across Australia. Community and corporate partnerships developed. By the end of 2003, Bluey Day crossed the benchmark of raising over $19 million dollars since inception. In December 2003, Bluey Day become the BLUEY DAY FOUNDATION with a board of volunteer directors. This ensures that our fundraising remains at the highest level of community and corporate accountability. All emergency service organisations are welcome to participate in an event that grows from year to year. In 2005 a Guiness World Record attempt was undertaken by the Bluey Day Team consisting of Constables through to Inspectors from Victorian Police who were joined by members of state and interstate services including WA Police & Fire members, NSW Police, Brigade & Ambulance officers. BUZZ-THE-FUZZ completed the challenge with a whopping 287 heads & returned this record and placed it back in Australia where the head shaving events began.

2004 saw Bluey Day “Tiny Police” skit on Rove Live. Three Kids dressed in thief costumes ran on stage steeling Rove’s Gold Logie. The thieves were chased by 10 mini police cars manned by kids again in mini police uniforms around the studio. Bert Newton’s Good Morning Australia appearance. After a live head shave in the studio, Bert actually removed his hair piece – live on TV – placing it on the bald head of one of our participants. National Headshave at Queensland World Record skydive at Brisbane Races – Named Bluey Day Cup. Entire Race meeting run in conjunction with Bluey Day Committee. Cancer knows no boundaries, and neither do the hearts of the Bluey Day volunteers!