Pippa Black Charity Support

The Australian Childhood Foundation.

Pippa Black Supports The Australian Childhood Foundation

Both Pippa Black and fellow Neighbours star Stefan Dennis act as Ambassadors for the Australian Childhood Foundation.

The Australian Childhood Foundation is a national charity which works in a number of ways to prevent child abuse and make children’s welfare a priority. The Foundation positively affects the lives of thousands of children across Australia in the following ways. More than 3,000 children and young people affected by abuse have received specialist counselling from the Foundation.

The Foundation speak out for effective protection and support services for children and young people. The Foundation have been instrumental in changing laws to keep children safe from abuse which has seen the introduction of stronger prison sentences for offenders, mandatory reporting of child abuse, a national sex offenders register and the screening of people working with children. More than 10,000 health, legal, welfare and education professionals have been trained about child abuse and family violence. These programs aim to improve responses to children and young people who have experienced or are at risk of abuse, family violence and neglect.

The Foundation runs nationally recognised child abuse prevention programs that seek to decrease the incidence of child abuse and raise awareness about how to stop it before it even starts. More than 250,000 adults nationally have been educated on how to identify and report child abuse. The Foundation have supported more than one million families through our parenting education and resource programs throughout Australia. In partnership with Monash University, the Foundation has established the National Research Centre for the Prevention of Child Abuse to research the problem of child abuse and identify constructive solutions.

In an effort to raise funds for the Foundation, The Australian Childhood Foundation holds an annual Childhood Hero Day and in 2007 it was on Thursday 14 June 2007. The Childhood Hero Appeal celebrates the fun, innocence and importance of childhood and the everyday heroes who make a world of difference to children’s lives by making them feel special, loved and cared for. Pippa Black and Stefan Dennis both very kindly donated their support to this. The Foundation ran a ‘Do You Have a Hero’ Photo Competition. Amongst the prizes to the winners were a visit to the Neighbours set and a visit of Pippa Black and Stefan Dennis to the winner’s school.