Pippa Black Charity Support

The Ashtma Foundation of Victoria.

Pippa Black Supports The Ashtma Foundation of Victoria

The Asthma Foundation of Victoria, Australia, has for over 40 years provided advice, counselling, education and training to people with asthma, their carers, Health Professionals, First Aiders and the community. The Asthma Foundation of Victoria’s Vision is “To reduce the impact of asthma on day-to-day life”.

The Asthma Foundation of Victoria’s Mission is “To help people manage their asthma all year round”. The Asthma Foundation of Victoria’s commitment to the Community is “They believe that every person who has asthma, their family and community carers should have access to accurate and current asthma information”.

“They provide the whole Victorian community with an excellent service based on asthma advice, information and programs”. “They ensure that people who have asthma receive real value for money and are empowered to be able to improve their day to day quality of life”.

Annual Bubble Ball Event:
Launched in 2006, the Bubble Ball is now The Asthma Foundation of Victoria’s key fundraising and awareness campaign. To date, the Bubble Ball events have raised over $80,000 to support The Foundation’s education, training and research programs, in addition to maintaining its HelpLine.

Ten TV are amongst the many donor’s to this annual event. Pippa along with a number of other Neighbours stars attended the very first bubble ball event on 4 May 2006.