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Animals Australia Unleashed.

Pippa Black Supports Animals Australia Unleashed

Towards the end of 2009 Pippa Black has given her support to Animals Australia Unleashed, supporting their campaign ‘Pardoning a Pig’.

Pippa Black speaking to Animals Australia Unleashed:

Q. What was the turning point in your life where you chose to stop eating animals?
A. “Basically from the time I found out that meat was once a living animal, I had a huge problem with eating meat. I was a lover of animals and killing one to eat — I just couldn’t stomach the idea. Through my teenage years I became quite the animal activist as I became more educated about how animals are mistreated in factory farms and have no rights — cementing a commitment to vegetarianism in me for the rest of my life.” (Pippa Black)

Q. Do you have any pets?
A. “Pets have always been a part of my family growing up. I think that’s another reason that turned me off eating meat. As I look at our pet — a member of our family, I couldn’t think of eating another four- legged creature!” (Pippa Black)

Q. Why is it important for you to use your celebrity status to speak up for animals?
A. “Animal ethics and welfare is the thing I am most passionate about in life and as I have a public profile it is an opportunity for me to add my voice to the dedicated and hard working animal rights organisations and charities that are working tirelessly for better conditions and rights of animals. No-one likes to look at images or footage of chickens being de-beaked, plucked and scolded alive and living in filthy, cramped conditions never seeing natural sunlight, but it is a reality and the more these squalid conditions are exposed and talked about instead of being hidden away the sooner something can be done about it. To add to this disgrace, animals bred and brought up in these environments are prone to infections and diseases and are fed antibiotics — which in turn you as a consumer of factory farmed meat — are digesting too, along with hormones to rapidly increase the animal’s size. The more information you have, the better the decisions you can make for your health, the rights of animals and the environment. (Pippa Black)

Q. What advice do you have for Unleashed supporters who want to go veg?
A. “Get yourself organised and educated on a healthy vegetarian lifestyle — you really need to find out and research what foods to replace the nutritional value of the meat you have in your existing diet. If you are someone who eats meat everyday then you might start by reducing the amount you have per meal and replacing it with a vegetarian protein, or to wean yourself by cutting back to every second day and so on — everyone is different and has different reasons for choosing a vegetarian diet so make sure you choose the best and healthiest way for you…. Start by checking out some websites — Unleashed has an extensive cooking section on their website. ‘The Kind Life’ is Alicia Silverstone’s website and ‘The Kind Diet’ is her book (which I absolutely love!!) and has loads of easy and healthy recipes to introduce people to the wonderfully tasty and cruelty-free world of meatless eating! I personally love to try out vegetarian, vegan and raw food cafe’s and restaurants to taste new things and inspire me to make for myself at home. Check out cafes in your area. I have recently taken part in a cooking class that was held at a cafe near me and I had so much fun and learnt so many new things! (Pippa Black)

About Animals Australia Unleashed
Animals Australia Unleashed is the youth outreach division of Animals Australia, which is Australia’s largest animal protection organisation. Animals Australia campaigns to protect all animals, and is known for its groundbreaking work in investigating and exposing animal cruelty. Animals Australia Unleashed travels the country, catching up with the latest bands and celebrities who are speaking up for animals. They actively campaign for the most abused and neglected animals in society by exposing animal cruelty and encouraging those who care about animals to adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle.

Most people are unaware that most animals raised in Australia (some 500 million) are denied the legal protection afforded to dogs and cats. That means that if you were to cut off your dog’s tail without anaesthetic, you could be prosecuted for animal cruelty—but if a pig farmer does the same thing to a pig, it’s just part of business. Animal cruelty has become big business, and it’s up to us and those who care about animals to end the suffering by exposing the truth.

Animal Australia’s work is funded entirely by the generosity of those who share their view that animals are more than just hamburgers, or leather coats; they are sensitive and interesting individuals who can each experience suffering and pain. Please consider supporting Unleashed with a donation or purchase from their online shop.

This article and image content is reproduced with the kind permission of Animals Australia Unleashed.