Pippa Black stars in The Cookie Mobster (2014)

Pippa Black stars as Amanda

Pippa Black in The Cookie Mobster

Pippa Black stars as Amanda in ‘The Cookie Mobster’ (2014).

Tired of being on the wrong side of the law, mobster Joey D’Amico strikes a deal with the FBI turning over his associates. Much to his dismay, the FBI places him in the witness protection program. As “Joey Tannebaum” he finds himself the newest resident of Sunnydale – living a life far from the one he is accustomed to….. The quaint community soon grows on him, especially after Joey meets his neighbour Amanda and her young daughter Sally…. Amanda leads the Sunny Girls troop, currently embroiled in a bitter rivalry with another girl scout group. This year, they are determined to outsell their competitors with their homemade cookies…. The more time he spends with Amanda the more Joey envisions a new life in Sunnydale. But his former partners are still on the loose – and hot on his trail.