Pippa Black stars as Elenore the Carnivore in Tegan The Vegan (2009)

Pippa Black is the voice of Elenore the Carnivore

Pippa Black in Tegan The Vegan

Tegan is 12, in love with the coolest boy in class and just found out where meat comes from. Tegan faces intolerance and peer pressure as she struggles to she find the strength to follow her heart. Pippa has just finished recording a Voice Over role in this production Tegan The Vegan, a short-stop motion animation, from EoR Media. Pippa’s character is called Elenore the Carnivore. Tegan The Vegan is still presently in production though due to be completed by the end of 2009.

With thanks for speaking to Pippablack.net “Working with Pippa was a joy. We had tremendous fun recording the voice for Elenore and she’s really brought the character to life” (Marisa Martin, Producer / Director)