Pippa Black Guest stars in Law and Order: SVU (2012)

Pippa Black guest stars

Pippa Black in Law and Order: SVU

Pippa Black guest stars as a call girl, Carissa Gibson, in Law and Order: SVU (Special Victims Unit).

Pippa appears in the Final Episode of Season 13, Episode 23, ‘Rhodium Nights’. Pippa also appears in the opening of Season 14 to conclude the storyline featured in Rhodium Nights.

An underage escort is found dead at a wild bachelor party, and Captain Cragen cautions his team to investigate with discretion, as there were several high-profile people at the scene. In their efforts to question a well-known leader in the New York escort world, Benson and Amaro encounter former SVU detective Brian Cassidy, who’s been working undercover. With his help, the detectives dig deeper into a vicious power struggle between the two top escort businesses, but before the case is cracked, a shocking event threatens to destroy the life of one SVU squad member.’

Broadcast Details:
US: NBC on Wednesday 23 May 2012.
UK: Universal on Sunday 10 June 2012 at 10.00pm.